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    Thousands of intellectuals, yogis, saints, sages, spiritual leaders, religious leaders, reformers, scientists, politicians were born on the wonderful earth. They said their sweet and short invaluable thoughts in creamy in condensed capsule form with their precious life long experience and deep observations, for the trouble free and ever peaceful lives of humanity. Indeed those precious noble thoughts are foresighted guidelines for them, who want to lead problem free, peaceful lives.
    Srimission is purely an awareness mission which is absolutely dedicated to bring “World Peace through Awareness”. The subject awareness is infinite. It is in fact deeper than sea and wider than sky. Srimission is trying to bring all round awareness for the benefit of the common people in their routine daily lives.
    Srimission has different awareness preaching divisions. Srimission’s “Daily Awareness Thought for Excellence” (DATE) is must for cautioning people every day with a new awareness thought cautioning on unlimited subjects, such as, daily happenings around, crimes, dupes, thefts, life threats, accidents, calamities, weather, changing trends, malpractices, hurdles of life, misunderstandings, voluntarily inviting trouble, awaiting miseries, ignorance of law, escaping from traps, losses, all types of troubles, repentances, mishaps, litigations, controversies, not one, in fact, the list is infinite. Those thoughts are closely analyzed and extracted from a number of real stories happened. Even though each thought looks very simple, easy to understand even to a common man a great safety caution is concealed in the thought. But, in reality a tremendous benefit is hidden in a nuclear form. The results will be absolutely clear beyond doubt on practice. Srimission’s”Daily awarenessThought for Excellence” are exclusively a new exercise, a new direction, a new approach, a new hope, a new promise with hidden all in one agenda – that is every DATE practitioner will be benefiting with enhancing self confidence, safety, security, prosperity, peace of mind, free from trouble, conflict and fear.

    Srimission’s “Daily Awareness Thought for Excellence” is a new, noble, novel concept to bring infinite revolution on all round asset, awareness in the society at absolutely free of cost. In fact, people will become irrevocable habitual to this “DATE” in no time. Such a social revolutionary concept can be implemented by anybody, anywhere in a very simple, easy form.